• Educate yourself and teach your children about British colonial history and the African continent (pre and post colonisation) — some links are below to get you started
  • Actively listen to black people who speak to you about their experiences
  • Listen to yourself, examining the ways that you might be perpetuating racism and make a commitment to change
  • Speak up when you witness inequality
  • Speak to others about racial equality. It’s not enough to not be racist — we need anti-racists
  • This is a long game. Take care of your health through this time, get adequate rest and be patient with yourself
  • Protect your mental health and take social media breaks
  • Learn as much as you can about the African continent (pre and post colonisation) and British colonial history — some links are below to get you started
  • Champion the cause to get The Black Curriculum into schools so that knowledge of the many achievements of black people become commonplace
  • Go out of your way to support black businesses to open up opportunities and help us to grow economically
Thank you so much for all your positive responses. I'm happy that this is connecting human to human -- it feels good to have your support. If you, like me, are wondering how you might be able to do more, I'm launching a range of initiatives through my company to help identify the barriers to entry for black people in UK Tech, discover how to support black employees already working in the industry and get visibility on how Tech is impacting black lives. Learn more hereTech is everywhere, touching every part of our lives -- so I thought it would be a impactful place to start.Let's keep the momentum going and create lasting change. Even a small amount will go a long way -- donate through GoFundMe and share share share.You can find out more about the work we do at DiverseTechNW.comAnnette



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Annette Joseph

Annette Joseph

Passionate advocate for diversity in Tech. UK Founder of Diverse & Equal and DiversetechNW Tasters and bootcamps, facilitator, agile coach/evangelist